Mission & Philosophy Statement:

We have an unbelievable opportunity to teach young girls life skills through an inspiring brand of basketball which includes private shooting lessons, group instruction, team training, summer camps, and skill clinics throughout the Nassau community.

Lady Panther Academy takes a specialized “teaching” approach to basketball with an experienced staff. Whether it be breaking down a skill at summer camp, introducing new footwork or giving an in depth evaluation our coaching staff is committed to helping athletes achieve their individual goals first so they can later apply their newly instilled confidence to a team setting.

We provide a variety of programs tailored to what the athletes needs are. For example, advanced skill techniques for the next level athlete, intense cardio workouts to build stamina for preseason work or a small group training session to keep your skills sharp and fresh. No matter the skill level my staff is committed to making each drill fun, challenging and attainable. We believe through our own unique style of teaching along with our contagious workouts our athletes will be eager to come back for more training!